New Patient info (Pain Management)

1. Marijuana is legal with prescription in  the state of Florida.
2. Medicare waiting time 87 days for appointment, No health insurance accepted currently.
3. First visit $250, follow up visit $188 (NO REfund) age older than 25.
4. No bad background (arrest for buy, possession, sell illegal drugs (…paraphernalia)
5. NO discharge from previous pain Mgmt office (failed Urine screen,,,,etc)
6. Must have less than 1 yr and 10 month (22 mo.) old MRI/CT Scan report(s), no electronic disc.
7. Fax your MRI/CT Scan reports to FAX 727 361-1477, (ALL reports cervical, thoracic, lumbar)
or bring to our office 8800 49th st N, #303, Pinellas Park, FL
NOTE: WRITE DOWN YOUR PHONE number for office to return your call.
8. FREE, FREE, doctors will review your MRI/CT Scan reports.
Doctors will decide justification for medical necessary of opioid treatment.
9. 28 days from pharmacist dispensing your pain meds (no doctor shopping).
10. Random urine test, only legal medications prescribed to you is okay.
link to new patient forms click here:: NewPatientForms

WISH YOU GOOD HEALTH (filename npt link) Pinellas Park Pain Management
note A: 1 or 2 minor disc bulges will not qualify, most have disc bulge as we aged (normal), need no med.
note B: Do NOT take your old medication, take your medications as prescribed/instructed to you.
old medications are not prescribed for this month, this week, you should discontinue taking
old medications. Discharge if you take old med, no friend,spouse, or parent’s med. (Not for YOU)