Tips for Chronic Pain Patients to Better Sleep

Car accident victims and our wounded soldiers are suffered common brain and body injuries,  their pain management physicians saw that they suffered a mixture of trauma brain injuries, and post-trauma stress disorder.  As doctors try to understand and sort out the injuries, damages and plan for treatments for these pain complex patients, doctors have discovered that sleep or lack of sleep is also the primary disorder for these chronic pain patients.sleeping soldiers

Sleep was always the number one complaints for most chronic pain symptoms regardless of the types of injuries.

For many individual pain patients, sleep irregularity includes many factors, poor sleep habits, changes in medications, uncertainty, familial environments, mood disturbances, neurological issues. Doctors knew that for chronic pain patients who had suffered psychological and physical trauma, not enough sleep could make matters worse in different ways.  Chronic pain patient who does not not get enough sleep time, will have low immune system, will become easy to get sick, will not have time for the muscles to recover from injury.

Pain patients who can have enough sleep time will recover faster psychologically and physically.  Car injury victims and wounded soldiers may address the lack of sleep issue differently from traditional sleep treatment, due to the fear of sleep and the need for more vigilance to stay in the awareness zone.

The causes of car accident can be sleepiness, lack of alertness.

Doctors address the underlying causes of the sleep disturbances, just get more sleep is not the best advice for the reason of the accident is sleepiness.  Doctors need to explain and find different interventions to recommend patients to get sleep time for injury recovery.

These types of Chronic pain patients wants to stay on guard, to be in alert mode to avoid “accident”, patients want to stay awake, cause their own insomnia.

Once, patient accepts that sleep is good for him or her, then the next step of intervention, regular sleep time and sleep patterns can help her into long sleeping night.

Other recovery method can help relief pain, when patient accepts that sleep is good.