Alternative Pain Management

What Are Non-Opioid Alternatives For Managing Pain

Since July 2019, all pain doctors in Florida provide chronic pain patients with Florida pamphlet. The Florida House Bill 451 is approved by new governor Desantis and is effective July 1st, 2019. It is called the NonOpiod Alternatives. This pamphlet provides information about alternative nonopioid treatments for chronic pain patients.
Doctors must discuss risks and benefits of non-opioid alternative treatments, adjuvant medicine.
Essentially, before prescribing opioid medication, doctors inform patients of the available non-opioid alternatives for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.
These alternative treatments include non opioid drugs, interventional pain treatments such as injection, ablation, surgery, psychological behavior therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, occupational therapy.

The pain doctor discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the use on non-opioid therapies. Also doctor provides patients with the educational pamphlet developed by the Florida Department of Health and documents the non-opioid alternatives considered in the patient’s record.
The Non-Opioid Alternatives Law aims to help providers and patients for better treatment and pain management and opportunity to discuss whether the patient is at high risk or has a history of controlled substance abuse or misuse., and discuss the patient’s personal preferences.

Pain Management of the Spine

What Are Alternatives to Chronic Pain Treatment?

It means alternative to opioid medicine, most alternative therapies are chiropractic therapy where the provider adjust and align the spinal structure or the bone structure.
Acupuncture focusing on trigger points and energy meridian to block or relieve the pain pathways thereby it is a pain management modality for relieving pain>

Physical therapy is a pain management modality by stretching the proper muscles, tendons, and ligaments with proper timing and frequency.
Behavioral therapy discussing the mind-body relationship regarding chronic pain suffering.
Hypnosis can be a fast pain management therapy when provided by qualifying pain hypnotic practitioners.
And, also there are virtual reality or augmented reality video game to distract the mind or focus the mind onto subliminal effects.

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