Avoid Back Pain During Work-From-Home Tips

If your company or you select the Work-From-Home alternative during the CoronaVirus pandemic, there is a case that you’re still setting up different room or corners of your beautiful home, setting up to establish the best and most effective working station possible. However, if you already suffer occasional back pain and neck pain, that sofa and lower table setting might not be the ideal station for your lower back and extended neck.

Work from Home Garage

The human back has three sections: the neck area which does most of the twists and turns, the thoracic chest spinal area with ribs, and the lower back also moves with a lot of strengthening as we apply a lot of weight force is exerted on it.
According to anatomy book, the spinal neck naturally curves inwards, naturally you can possible look at the ceiling lights without pain by tilting your head backward. If you suffer pain by tilting your head back and look at the ceiling light, then you have a bad neck curve.
When you work from home, just pause for one minute per hour and do the simple exercise looking up the ceiling for 4-5 seconds and repeat this exercise 4-5 times, to compensate for looking down at the screen. If you do this exercise every hour of working, you will not have chronic neck pain.

If you decide a work place in your home, label it as a work space, clear out all old newspaper, junk mails, declare it as a work form home space and respect the area. It should make you mentally focused on work, buy an egg timer to time your focused work. Avoid to use children room or kitchen table as a work space, because it means that you don’t have a dedicated work area.

An egg timer is an essential tool for working at home, you need focus and you need taking breaks and move for blood flow, more oxygen to your working brain cells.

Neck has natural curve, not straight neck

The most important attention is to keep your posture properly and taking short break. You are adjusting to the new work environment, it is an excellent to start over, and do some tiny good habits.
As you sit down, stop and take one serious deep breath, focus on getting ready for work. Sitting straight, and align/adjust your screen distance.
There are injuries that are age-related and injuries posture-related. If you have strong lower back muscles, the core muscles, these will protect you from back injuries. Exercises lower back muscles are extremely important for keeping you out of the hospital.
The Exercises
All physical exercises that use the lower limbs are good for strengthening core lower back muscles. Back extension exercising, yoga posing, walking, swimming, and jogging, all help with lower back muscles.

Dead Bugs Exercises:
This exercise needs you to lay flat on your back, lift your legs one at a time to make a 90 degree angle with your back, and then lift your arms one at a time at 90 degree angle with your flat back, repeat 10 set of work out for better posture.
Cat Camel back stretch
Lay down with your knees touch the ground , two arms straight up supporting your trunk body and your head, two hand fingers pointed straight front.

This time is a new normal for all workers, as you work from home, keep your pain down, avoid chronic pain by maintaining proper posture.
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