Chronic Pain Patients At workTaper Down Pain Medicine

In many doctor office visits, doctors ask chronic pain patients to taper down the consumption of pain medicine. As new federal and state guidelines update new effective information for prescribing pain medications, patients do have physical pain in their body, and there is a deeper pain in their heart, about not able to do the lovely things, such as playing with the kids and grand kids.
Modern doctors attend annual educational conference to maintain the edges, and understand the side effects of the multi pharmacology, multiple medications interactions of medications and muscle relaxers and psychological medications.

Doctors learn new skills to teach patients to cope with pain, such as slow deep breathing. Psychological support and new coping skills are helping patients at high risk of developing chronic pain and long-term, high-dose opioid use taper their opioids and rebuild their lives with activities that are meaningful and joyful to them.  Chronic pain is a physical illness and highly effects the daily thoughts because the false alarm continuously trigger the brain pain circuits.

If we just abruptly lower how opioids patients are taking, but leave the chronic pain patient disabled and not able to live their lives, that is not medical treatment and probably harmful in the long term.  These people suffer extreme pain and they first have to accept that pain will be with them for many years to come, then patients commit daily to apply behavioral approach to relieve constant pain.  It will be hard work but it is worthwhile efforts.  They determine to not to be so tied to their medications.
Patients research and analyze specific psychological approaches with mindfulness meditation training to help patients wean off opioids and reduce their pain-related distress and disability.

Pain doctors are there to remind and confirm with patients that the commitment pays off gradually and the taper down journey is the right journey to take.  As all journey we take in our life, there will be small bumps along the road, and the professional health care provider support the patient to encourage the successful journey.

Not all patients will take the journey, but the ones who commit to lower the opiods, they choose to use psychological training and mindfulness.

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This program has given patient the tools to live a fuller life despite chronic pain.  Patient practices mindfulness; can talk to people in the clinic who understand the ups and downs.. For the first time in a long time, patient has alternatives to simply increasing opioids, and practical tools to counteract emotional despair. The doctor and staff gave new hope in chronic pain life.

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