Chronic Pain Relief With Different Treatment Modalities?

Pain can show up in our spine in different forms, and still, it remains unclear with crazy tolerances, shifting viewpoints, and variable procedures for managing chronic pain.

Pain patients are normally demanding, they desire immediate relief, fast recoverable time with no change in social behaviors. Medications are generally the desired option for pain relief.

Health providers’ main duty is to accurately assess the root cause of chronic pain so that treatments can be adequately prescribed. It is utmost important to use and try different manual/physical therapies to alleviate pain as first step.

Chronic pain patients can practice simple journaling your pain, take time to understand the triggers of their pain alarms. Muscles and tendons can be weakened by sitting too long at the desk, or standing on your feet for eight long hours.  To correct the working postures, pain patients can take more shorter breaks, take deep breath to get more oxygen and new blood circulation.  These simple but super effective activities will break the pain cycles, it give patients the power to control their pain.  It says to themselves that they are in driving seat, they determine when to break, to change the pain patterns.


Regarding daily activities, patients can select lighter handbags and shoes; also patients can change sleep position, correct sleep positions will put less stress on your spine, and don’t forget to stretch your back and legs at least ten minutes a day.


Patient Back Pain Education


Pain is serious stuff, it is real thing, whether it is in your head, your emotional, or physical. People always want to get rid off pain. People is ready to pull the wallet out to get rid of tooth ache.  However, patient should understand that he has a lot of control about his pain.  Pain may be a signal alarm, it flares up to protect yourself, the patient understands the protection mechanism, he will pay attention to the triggers and works to find plan that can help him treating the real root cause.

Patient understands the cause, he may have opt to stop smoking, he educates himself that smoking narrowing down his arteries and blood capillaries, blocking fresh healthy nutrients reaching the pain area helping healing damaged discs and tendons.

Patients may choose loosing weight to help his knees and hips.  Patients can choose new treatment such as stem cells therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy which can encourage healing faster.  Instead of masking the pain, patients can learn to meditate, to breath slowly feeling the pain as a part of the body.  Pain Patients can consider the benefits and harms among opioids, Non Steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), or even injections or surgery.


Patients who exercise routinely, drink plenty of fluid, avoid using tobacco, alcohol, have a much improved chances of reducing her chronic pain and enjoy a full life.

Patients who choose an outdoor lifestyle, daily exercising, proper diet with less sugar, can gain control of her chronic pain.


If you fall from a bike or a ladder, you need to go to hospital to see how severe is your pain? But for chronic pain, a consistent exercise program is the key for pain relief. A good habit is the king of pain relief, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to form a habit, always starting with a minuscule activity, define a trigger position for your habit forming and remember to reward and celebrate your activity consistently.

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