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Pain in the shoulder can affect you more than you think. Your shoulder comes into contact with a lot of things, as well as moves your upper extremities and keeps them in place. A lot of activities involve a lot of arm-moving, so pain in the shoulders can disrupt your life.

Shoulder Pain Can Be Attributed To A Lot Of Causes, Namely

  • Instability of the shoulder
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Arthritis
  • Calcific Tendonitis, etc.
  • Copy of Arthritis

You should take lots of rest for the muscles having time to heal themselves. Rest time is very important and you need to respect your time. Don’t listen to others, they don’t have time to care for you. You are the best person to know about your pain, it is your personal pain and suffer. You should know when to consult your physician. These signs that accompany your shoulder pain must warrant a visit to the doctor.

  • Difficulty raising your arms
  • Inability to hold an object using one or both hands
  • Swelling and pain
  • Warmth and redness around a joint
  • Obvious deformity
  • Pain that affects your ability to concentrate on even the most mundane of activities
  • Pain that disrupts sleep

If the pain in the shoulder is confined on the left side and travels down the left arm and is accompanied by chest pain and difficulty in breathing, it is most probably cardiac in origin. Be alarmed and know that this could be heart attack. Seek medical help immediately.

In determining the cause of your pain, your physician will examine you to determine the location of pain, the range of motion you can achieve, and the extent of injury. He will also order the following diagnostic tests:
*X-ray of the affected area
Arthrogram-this will involve the use of an iodine-based dye. It will be injected into the joint while being visualized in an x-ray. If you have allergies to seafood, please speak up.

Since the causes of shoulder pain vary greatly, the thrust of treatment varies as well. However, typical measures for combating shoulder pain orthopedic in nature are as follows:

Immobilization- it is only common sense to rest an injured part. It will prevent pain and prevent further injury. Immobilization will require splinting, or use of casts, if there is considerable fracture involved.
Physical therapy and/or occupational therapy- these interventions will program a routine for you to regain mobility and flexibility on the injured part Intermittent heat and cold application- again, this is a common measure used to decrease inflammation and ease pain. Ice packs are applied in the first 48 hours after injury to combat swelling, then heat application follows to ease the pain and increase circulation to the area of injury. Medications- NSAIDS or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are the mainstays in the pharmacologic treatment of orthopedic pain. Caution in its use is advisable, as is can cause gastrointestinal erosion. Be prudent and eat first before taking a pill. Steroid injections-steroids combat any inflammation, but as of late its use has been a matter of debate. Its use has been under fire recently.

Lastly, employ assistance from your significant others. If there is work that needs lifting or raising, ask for outside help. Healing from orthopedic injuries really do take a lot of time and abrupt return to normal activities will only lengthen your recovery. Gradually increase your activities and use clear judgment. If it still hurts, don’t use it.
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