Colorado Men face Possible prison, Picking up Fallen Marijuana Package

Don’t pick up Marijuana on highway.
This may be qualified for ODD news. In Kearney, South Central Nebraska, two Coloradans picked up a package of Marijuana on highway I-80.
Mr. C Red and Mr. D Rodriguez pleaded guilty for picking up a fallen Marijuana package on I-80; they both face up to 20 years prison time.
The Denver Post reported that Marijuana is illegal in Nebraska, a Colorado’s border state.
it was reported that a motorist saw the two men pick up a package dropped from a flatbed trailer pulled by a pick up truck on I-80 highway.
A Nebraskan state trooper stopped the pick up truck, he discovered a faked compartment under the trailer and several marijuana plastic bags inside.
The street value of the marijuana is estimated at $366K.
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