PTSD and Our Veterans.
1.Post Traumatic stress disorders – Many patients prefer a holistic approach to medicine, they want something come from the natural earth, because of their background or familial orientation, patients believe that plants and herbs naturally possess a better cure for the diseases. The chemical products manufactured at the pharmacy located in a brick building contain too many unknown side-effects and many serious recalls. Patients get tired of hearing recalls and lobbying (bribery) stories, they cannot trust the government in far away Washington to protect their health and their bank accounts. Many patients are uneasy with the feeling that the chemical medications they take to control their anxiety, depression, daily stresses and sleeplessness. Patients want an alternative treatment from the 8 to 9 different medications, they need to take daily, they want some herbs, cannabis, marijuana, that have small side effects, less dangerous.
Patients slowly try by themselves and get good experiences and results. The side-effects are not dangerous and tolerable.

Patients cannot find enough answer in scientific researches, because Cannabis (Marijuana) is highly classified controlled substance, and research is extremely limited. However, patients can take their own risk to use and experiences the healing effects. Most PTSD patients risk their own life to secure the country, they give their life to make other’s safe.
Medical Marijuana low-THC, can really help PTSD patients, and these patients deserve to be treated for their dedication to their country.

There is no funny joke about running to bathroom a few times after eating a regular meal. There is no humor in rushing into the toilet in the morning just right after your arrive at the company parking lot.
Again, there is no supporting evidence between weed cannabis and IBS. However, if patients suffer this chronic diarrhea disease, patients prefer a better quality of life than running looking for an unoccupied restroom. Happily, lots of sufferers can find reduction in hypermotility and relief of abdominal cramp when trying medical cannabis, low-THC marijuana.

These are a few medical conditions that medical marijuana can really help. If you need Florida Medical Marijuana cards, you can call NOW 727 548-1111 the clinic will provide solutions.