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Pain is defined as a feeling of discomfort and it is delivered to the nervous system by sensory neurons. It is not just a physical awareness or sensation of pain, but it also talks about perception. Perception gives the brain the information of the intensity, location and nature of pain. In addition, the different responses, may it be conscious or unconscious plus emotional response sum up the complete definition of pain.

Pain is classified into two types according to its duration. These are the acute pain and the chronic pain. Acute pain is a pain that relieves quickly. The pain lasts not more than 30 days. Also, the pain goes away as soon as the stimulus disappears. It is also relieves if the tissue damage heals. While chronic pain lasts more than sixth months. In this type, the pain is still present even though the injury is already healed.

Pain comes from different causes. However, the common cause of pain is tissue damage. Tissue damage varies from an injury to the soft tissue, organs, and bones. These injuries can be a result of a disease like cancer. It can also be a result of physical damage. These physical damages are a broken bone or a laceration. With these injuries, several symptoms appear together with the pain. These symptoms will depend on the underlying condition, disorder, or disease of a person. Example is, if the pain is because of arthritis, the person will experience pain and discomfort in his joints. However, the person will feel fatigue, sleep problems, headache, and discomfort most of the time.

Though pain can be relieved if the underlying disease is treated, experts still get the right medication that will ease a pain. These are analgesics. Analgesics are known as the strongest painkillers. These drugs act on the central and peripheral nervous system which resulted to the elimination of sensation. These are commonly used in broken bones, cancer, burns, and after surgery. However, the best treatment to relieve the pain is still to remove its causative agent.

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