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What Do Doctors Wish Chronic Pain Patients Do?

Here are the nine items chronic pain patients can help in knowing during the visit at the medical practice

  • 1) What MRI facility, the name of the MRI facility, has your MRI report, the doctor or the staff calls the MRI facility to know more or anything else about the MRI report. Most patients need an update MRI report after two years, you don’t want your pain doctor look at an obsolete pain area, you may develop new condition(s).
  • 2) Write down (type) medications, or better, use your cell phone camera taking picture of the label of the bottles of medication, that you consume, medication and dose that your are taking now and bring them to your next appointment. This will save at least 5 minutes, for the medical staff ensuring that you have appropriate dose and medications.
  • 3) Do NOT drive or operate heavy, harmful equipment when you take medications
  • 4) Have the name and fax number of your primary care ready, so we can update your progress.
  • 6) Doctors don’t really know how much the treatment cost, because different pharmacy has different prices, government controls the flow of medicine, market supply and demand.
  • 7) Doctors know that you are in pain, doctors know physical exercise is hard and may be harmful, however, you need to be active, move your body, lift your arm, just make some simple actions communicating with your brain that you are in control, not the pain. You are the boss here.
  • 8) Change your vocabulary, say my L1 is in pain, do not say my back is in pain, narrow it down to the specific bone or bones, not the whole body, don’t give pain a chance to overwhelm you.chronic pain
  • 9) More medications does not equal to less pain. You know chronic pain, you take lots of medications, more medications sometimes lead more sensitive to the trigger of pain.

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Lots of chronic pain patients have lots of questions, before visiting a pain management doctor, some questions are simple and straight forward, so we try to address them here.

From the view of  Pain Management,  doctors want chronic pain patients, and all other patients, to know that health care is more than 90 percent self-care, the health care professionals only can do about 10 percent care for your individual body and mind.

Take example of a dental care, you care for your teeth twice or three times a day. Your dental hygienist cares for your teeth 2 or 3 times a year and it is only about 30 minutes for the session. If ,in one year, you neglect to care for your teeth, your hygienist cannot do much in 30 minutes.