Why You Should Exercise Your Back To Manage Your Pain

Here are three things, people with Chronic Pain or not chronic pain, as human, almost certainly do every day:

  •  Sleep
  • Drink coffee or water
  • Talk to someone or friends or stranges

And Here are three concepts, all of us likely do (or are urged to do by others):

  1. Wash Our Face
  2. Fold our bed sheet
  3. Clean the fridge door, or at least clean the kitchen area.

However, I am guessing most of us, we don’t exercise our chronic back pain every day.  That is acceptable if you have no chronic back pain or have no interest in exercise your back muscles. But if you imagine and enjoy to have a good back, a healthy adult or one who works with lifting heavy objects, here is the reason you should consider starting the habit of exercising your back every day.

  1. Exercising Your Back Muscles daily makes doing other jobs easier

    if you get more practice at anything – either it is exercising, kicking balls, swimming in the ocean, or playing video games – the process begins to become second nature to your mental thinking.  You don’t have to try as hard as the first time and you start to enjoy more, find more fun doing it.

  2. Exercising Your Back Muscles daily will improve the quality of your life.

    Exercise the muscles often enough, and you will get better at smoothing  all of them.  Your muscles will appreciate you because you pay attention to them, you give them the care they deserve.  If you are a person for whom exercising seems difficult to initiate, doing it every day will allow you to pick up the techniques and the pace to do exercise faster.  Several years ago, I started exercise stretching and pull up on a bar on the door of my bathroom.  I just did simple pull up five or six times every morning. Now if I skip one day, I notice the difference, my back muscles start to motivate me, to do something, and If I skip two days, my co-workers know, I start moving differently, and become easier to be irritated.

  3. You will eliminate the need to make a decision

    ; – This might sound absurd or irrelevant, but it is a tremendous important benefit of the daily pain relief habit. Every time you need to make a decision about whether to exercise, you involve your mind and your motivation.  This is because we all have very limited amounts of willpower, and this energy declines as one day goes on, like sand running through an hourglass, you can your willpower slipping away down the drain.   But if you have made the main decision that you are going to exercise your back muscles daily – then you don’t need to revisit, you don’t have to engage in negotiations of your mind. No more, “When should I exercise?”  This free up you mind to deal with other higher priority issues. – including the type of exercise you want to do.

  4. It will give you momentum

    ; – You will start your rehab and recovery period sooner, if pain relief is important to your back or – more importantly, to you – then having momentum will make you feel happier and more relaxed, less anxious.  This feeling of happiness will not only flow over into the rest of your life, it will also become a self- charging cycle that will make you feel more comfortable with exercising to relief you back muscle pain and make the exercise more enjoyable.


At my practice in Pinellas Park, our Pain And Wellness Clinic, our patients are ordered to involve in physical therapy, exercising, swimming, deep breathing. I work with people with chronic back pain, with people who struggle to move around, to have quality of life.  Occasionally, some of the patients ask me if they can exercise, I give them manual instructions one or two pages of proper exercise photos.  our practice phone number is 727 729-9801 , you can call to ask about pain management for spinal back pain.