Florida Medical Marijuana Growth Industry

Security Is Job 1

Since 2016, Florida starts a new industry, Medical Marijuana, it affects all industry sectors, from construction to hardware stores. The number job is to secure the precious little flower from thieves. All medical marijuana dispensaries have to have solid wood /metal doors with expensive high quality hinges and electronic entry system. Doors companies are very busy currently. All employees are going through a rigorous training system, that is another busy schedule for staffing agencies.

Multiple usage of Hemp Plant

Since September 2018 to September 2019, the number of Medical Marijuana dispensaries in Florida is more than double from 60 dispensaries to 159 medical marijuana dispensaries. Trulieve, the medical cannabis company, is headquartered in Tallahassee. Trulieve has a total of 31 dispensaries, the top medical marijuana in Florida. Next to Trulieve is Surterra, Surterra has 30 medical marijuana dispensaries.

More than double Number of Dispensaries in Florida

Surterra is competitive in the terpene flavors and is focusing on Georgia as the next frontier.

There are other offices and businesses that support these dispensaries. Green house growers or farmers for medical marijuana, these green houses need employees well-trained in medical marijuana industries. Fertilizer companies also support green house farmers. And medical practices with doctors, doctors can certify patients with the proper medical ailments who can benefit from Medical Marijuana.

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