Florida Medical Marijuana Update

Fast register at Florida state level

As of this month of September 2019, Florida Medical marijuana card for qualified patients can be obtained within 7 (seven) days after visiting a certified physician.  It is a much faster process comparing with 2017.  Also, patients and medical practice staff can call Florida medical Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) and can get answers in about 10-15 minutes.

Florida Cannabis is growing fast with more dispensaries

In Florida, the Cannabis industry is growing with about 1 or 2 new dispensaries opened a week. The number of registered patients are also increasing with about 10,000 new patients a month. The total number of patients with Florida medical marijuana card now is passing total 200,000.

Despite the good numbers of dispensaries and patients, the SunShine state currently has five largest dispensaries that account for 85% of the state medical marijuana sales. The smaller dispensaries are still under construction status or just maintain a small footprints. The most brand recognitions are Trulieve, Curaleaf and Surterra.
Each brands continue to generate more individual flavors that continue to gain name recognition and adapt to different illness or ailments. Surterra provides better education and places more emphasis on the CBD than THC. The company tries to educate patients about THC is not everything in a Cannabis plant. The cannabis plant has more than 140 elements of chemical that can be used for treating different illness.

Compare With New York Medical Marijuana Program

  Whether You know or not, Florida Medical Marijuana is booming as far as cannabis speaking.  The market of medical marijuana in Florida is expanding weekly or monthly. There are more medical marijuana dispensaries in every county.  As of September 2019, there are more than 213,000 patients enrolled in the registry or about more than 8000 new patients every month. The state of Florida will have about $8 million Revenue from the medical marijuana registration.  New York state began the medical marijuana program 18 months before Florida did. 

 However, currently New York state has about half of the patients that Florida has.   It is simple to explain the gap, New York just does not have the amount of people.   New York has generally different demographic than Florida. 

  The Power of The GREY Dollars

 Florida is the state where seniors want to retire, seniors have more medical conditions and ailments.  Seniors need more medical care.  As people age they have more anxiety, Crohn’s disease, irritation bowel syndrome, PTSD and particularly chronic low back pain or general pain.   Seniors are miserable in New York, because the weather is changing from minus 20 degree F to 95 degree Farenheit.  It makes it harder for seniors to shovel snow when people approach 60 year old.   It is much harder to get out of the driveway or entrance door to refill medications.

In Florida, there is no snow to shovel before seniors go to local pharmacies.  Seniors don’t need to break their back, or slip on icy pavement and risking breaking a bone or a hip fracture.

We are welcome any patients and seniors to our medical practice. If you have question about Florida medical marijuana cards. Give us a Call 727 548-1111.  You can have a Florida Medical Marijuana car for yourself in less than ten (10) days.