Florida Medical Marijuana

Lots of Questions for MM??

In a large group meetings, there always are Medical Marijuana subjects that can illicit strong emotions among scientists, physicians, policy citizens. There are questions such as: do we have sufficient researched evidences? Decriminalized by law enforcement? What about the addictive effect? Use for pregnant females? What about breast feeding the newborn by users?

In Florida, Medical Marijuana is currently legal for patients who are carrying Florida Medical Marijuana card. President Donald J Trump promised not to interfere with patients who use legal medical marijuana. About more than 80 percent of Americans support legalizing medical marijuana.

These are just a few of many excellent questions around Medical Marijuana. Here we have two questions in two limited areas: How can patients discuss the Medical Marijuana with the doctors and How useful medical Marijuana use for needed patients?

Medical Marijuana with no high

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the extract from the hemp plant. Because CBD component of derived from hemp plant has little intoxicating (THC) properties. Patients take CBD does not feel strong alteration consciousness. Patients do report multiple benefits of CBD, from stress relief, anxiety, sleep disorders, muscle inflammation reduction, pain relief and no psycho effect. Childhood epilepsy, Dravet syndrome, responds effectively to a CBD- dominant strain of marijuana called Charlotte’s Web.

Uses of Florida Medical Marijuana

In the US and Florida, patients mostly use medical marijuana for pain relief. While opioids are effective for immediate relief of severe surgery pain, medical marijuana can be effective for relieving long term chronic pain. Medical marijuana is safer than narcotics, less overdose issues. Medical marijuana can replace NSAID, such as Advil, Aleve and Ibuprofen if patients can’t take them due to GERD, ulcers, kidneys diseases.

Medical marijuana can help with pancreatic cancer, multiple sclerosis and nerve pain. Psychiatrists prescribe Xanax for panic disorders, doctors should consider medical marijuana because for less severe side effects.

Medical marijuana also can be used to glaucoma, PTSD, HIV, as well as irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease.

Many patients want to learn more about medical marijuana, but do not want to start the conversation, should talk to medical assistant or nurse. This is because the medical community has been more acceptance with Florida Medical Marijuana. Do not be afraid of a natural plant. Patients need to be opened and honest to talk to physicians in a confidential environment. Patients can call us 727 548-1111 to seek out reliable sources of information.