Food And Water for Joint and Spine Pain

If there is a secret fix that can improve mood, make you feel happy, enjoy life, reduce depression, anxiety and obviously act as a pain relief. Would people want to know the secret? Would pain sufferers be interested in the therapy if this therapy is proven for thousands of years, safe and very affordable? Would chronic pain patients be interested in the undisclosed treatment if it is available in every continent on this planet? and what about also it can prevent the onset of chronic diseases, and good for the digestive system, is it good to know about it? What if this therapy also available on every corner of the world, and it also tastes good, you don’t have to pinch your nose, or do strange maneuver to take it.
The secret fix is very obvious, we all know it since one month old, it is food, and especially good food.
Good Food What you just eat at lunch, now the food metabolizes in yout belly and moves in your brain, it flows down to your spinal cord. So you need to eat three times a day, and frequently drink lots of water. The minerals in the water are mixed with the healthy food vitamins, travels into every cells in your body. The fluid in the spinal cord will get more liquid if you drink more water, making sure that you pee frequently and the color is clear.
Good food contains different varieties of vitamins, because you really need vitamins for your bones, your ligaments, your connective tissues, your brain needs lots of energy during waking hours. You need green vegetables, dark color vegetables, red and yellow vegetables to have varieties of nutrients, you also need protein in the form of beef, chicken etc.. you don’t need a lot but you need some and can get protein from beans also.
In most the cases, inflammation causes pain, even without any herniated discs. Anti-inflammatory drugs are used to treat inflammation, but there is side-effect to ulcer stomach or liver diseases.
Food like pineapple with its bromalain juice is excellent for inflammation treatment. Bromalain from pineapple has used successfully to treat rheumatoid arthritis and to speed up tissue repair. Bromalain has demonstrated significant anti-inflammatory effects such as reducing sore throat, sinusitis and arthritis.

Parsley contains specific compound named flavonoids existing in vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and plants. Flavonoids have many benefits including the ability to fight inflammation. Apigenin is one of the flavonoids found in parsley and has been shown to reduce inflammation in both lupus and arthritis.

Celery is a vegetable containing the anti-inflammatory flavonoid apigenin. Moreover, celery is high in fiber and extremely low in fat, cholesterol and calories. You can make juice out of celery as a source of foliate, potassim, Vitamins A, Vitamins B and Vitamins C drink.

Onion contains a compound known as Quercetin, which is well-known as a potent, strong anti-inflammatory agent. You can add more onion in any recipe to enhance your immune system. It is very easy to cook with onions.

Broccoli and brussel Sprouts are cruciferous family of vegetables. Sulphurophane, a major component of broccoli, is known to possess anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. It also is rich in fiber, anti-oxidant compound and low calories.

Good food provides the iron structure for your brain, for your spinal cord, for your bone and for your spinal discs. Good food provides the gelatinous materials for your discs between your body spine, for your shoulder joints, your elbow joints and your knee cartilage. Our body cannot make cartilage out of thin air, and there is no over the counter cartilage, we need to eat proper good food for the body to synthesize or to metabolize the food into cartilage.
Good food tastes good, makes people enjoy. it is a pleasure to consume good food, it provides distraction from chronic pain, it sets your mind in a different frame. It frames your thoughts into joy.

Good food includes lintels, beans, avocados, nuts, seeds, organic beef, wild salmons, legumes, vegetables of many colors.
Your vertebrae needs food such as lean meat, sea food, lots of water, food with zinc, magnesium, and more calcium so your body can mixed them up, and generates the best nutrients for the spinal cord, spinal fluid and cartilage.

For thousands of years, the secret therapy that heals, keep our body strong and protect the body from virus, is simple food. We go into fast food, processed food and now we need to turn back to real good food. Food that is not only taste good, but makes us joy, happy to eat, delicious to chew on.

So now you know the secret of healthy bones and body, it is your turn to prepare good food to keep you healthy.