Know Your Lower Back Pain And Help In Exercise.

One of the most common causes of pain is mechanical back pain, which is caused by weak muscles along the spinal vertebrae. Unfortunately, X-ray and MRI technologies cannot differentiate a simple weak muscle from a regular toned muscle.
X-ray can detect bone fractures and is an affordable procedure; MRI and CT scan procedures are more elaborated, and can be used to detect damages of tissues, muscles, ligaments and bones. Ultrasound equipment These are common imaging tests which target the structure of the spine and they do not adequately assess the conditions of the natural weakness of the muscles, tendons or ligaments. This is the reason, the radiology report includes the phrase reminding doctor to associate the report findings report with clinical physical assessment.
This is why, more than 50% of back pain diagnoses are classified as ‘non- specific’ by the doctors; most of the time, the muscles are 3 – 4 inches deep down from the superficial skin and fat.

In the radiology room, the patient stays standing still in one position for imaging purpose. However, most patients suffer pain while in motion such as bending, walking. Most good doctors apply a spine function test and a long list of questionnaire to understand a complete picture of the patient’s pain. To prevent unneeded surgery, a spine function test helps assessing the weak areas of the spinal structure and assists doctors customizing a treatment plan.

lower back pain
Severe Low Back Pain

The Spine Functional Test is more accurate because it reveal the weakness of the spine and it locates the affected area and the motions.

To give strength to your spinal muscles, you can start some easy exercises.

The Bridge Exercise For Back Pain

Easy bridge exercise

This bridge exercise helps patient improve back muscle, buttock and hamstrings.
– Start by lying flat on your back with both knees bending at 90 degree.
– Raise your hips up high while your shoulders on the floor and your feet flat on the floor.
Initially, you do this exercise for few seconds and few times, to build a good exercise habit. Most important is to pat yourself in the back and congratulation your daily efforts. You will be on your road to recovery sooner than you realize.