Medical Cannabis educational session

Medical Cannabis is also called Low-THC cannabis in Florida legislation.
The people of Florida voted for Medical Cannabis helping in relief many medical diseases.
What is Sativa?
Cannabis that has Sativa characteristics, produces high energy, for people to dance, lots of energy to move the body. Sativa has higher level of THC, the compound that makes human more energetic, high pitch voice, more vibrant with music. Sativa contains less Cannabidiol (CBD) which helps in anxiety disorders, and easy going personality.
Sativa stimulates the brain functions and it makes people more psycho-active, more stimulation, as people mostly refer to Cannabis as a stimulant.

Sativa works by helping people get out of depression, more energetic, less sorrow, feeling bad for themselves. People normally have migraine headache, see things loomy doomy, may be help with Sativa. This is a chemical for day activity, do not consume Sativa before sleep time. this has too much energy.

The second category of Cannabis is normally called Indica.
It is a smooth relaxation, lazy activity chemicals.

Compare with Sativa, Indica contains more Cannabidiol (CBD) and less of the chemical of THC. This is a real medical Cannabis, because it is low in THC.
The body works better with Indica and people feel less stressful, more relax. Indica can helps in relieving tightness of muscles, muscle spasm, easing of sleep and less anxiety.
People suggest that patients consume India in the evening time for helping into calming the brain.

The third category is HYBRID Cannabis .

As any plants in modern world, planters can cross breed the plants between Sativa and Indica, to obtain the best of both worlds. The Hybrid Cannabis can have varying psychological effects, it can smooth out the brain and can give patients more energy to cope with daily stress and diseases.

Currently, the Cannabis in Florida can be expensive for recreational activities, but for medical purpose, Medical Cannabis can be price comparative to expensive prescription medication with different controllable side effects. Always consult your physician for any FDA Unapproved substances.