Neck And Back Pain. Simple Tips To Enhance Your Work From Home.

15 Days Social Distancing rule, sending many of us to work from home in an abrupt way. The TV anchors feel weird working from home with little preparation. Neck and Back pain may sneak into your physical body as you adapt to work from home. While few of us are set up to have a good desk set-up and comfortable office chair- others are stuck crammed at the kitchen table or bent on the sofa.
At work, there is an industrial specialist who is in charge of setting up ergonomic desks and chairs for employees, but the same design might not be possible in a different space/environment.
As the government and corporations extend work from home duration, your posture and body will continue to suffer, At beginning, you are sensing the annoying , discomfort of the sores, aches and pains. However, if you continue to push through and ignore the feelings for longer time. The pain is getting worse because desk and chair are not proper for work.

More severe pain and not a good night sleep will bring faster fatigue and frustration. You will feel aching, tingling, burning and numbing sensation.

You will spend more time wrestling with pain, and past pain will show up more sudden. Your focus on work will decrease as you share time to alleviate recurring pain.

Simple Fixes For Your Work From Home Area
In this uncertain time, you don’t need to go out purchasing completely new desk and chair. The income can be diminished by the virus spread or unknown factors. If you have more severe aches and pain already, such as chronic lower back pain, sciatic pain, hand numbness, special equipment may be needed to adapt to work. Don’t spend money on fancy furniture.

Most of us can live with simple furniture with good posture and screen level. Use a different or second monitor to raise your laptop screen to eye level, ensuring your neck at optimal posture.
Use an eggtimer, simple timer, to take break, and exercise your neck by looking up the ceiling 5 seconds 5 times, rotating your head to left and right. Most acute pain will heal on its own. You may need to move to encourage the muscles to heal. Heat and cold applications can mobilize blood flow and new cell growth. Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen can be consumed as pain relief temporary.

Correct posture in working involves the back sitting straight with your eyes level parallel with the screen, your elbow and arm at 90 degree bend tugging to your sides. You should look directly across the screen and the bottom of the monitor should be tilted up.
Your head is 3-4 pounds and if it sits directly on your neck, then it is good, but if the head is too far out that puts a lot of force for the neck to sustain the extended head. The force becomes 8-10 pounds exerted on the neck, and for long-term it will cause neck pain. The neck discs will deform to form bad spots touching the spinal nerve.

Reduce stress in your life. Stress intensifies chronic pain: Negative feelings like anxiety, depression, stress, and anger can increase the body’s sensitivity to pain. By learning to take control of stress, you may find some relief from chronic pain.
Don’t sit on a hard wallet, because it locates perfectly at the sciatic nerve and cause unnecessary pain, and medical expenses.
Remember: Prevention is easier than cure.
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