Neck Pain Management

The top pain complaint is low back pain, next to that is Chronic Neck Pain, it is also called Cervical Pain. If you are like most hard working people, you probably ignore your neck, don’t give much attention to the important structure of the neck, until certain pain calls for your attention. This remarkable and complex bony structure consists of 7 bone segments C1-C7.
These seven bony vertebrae protect the brain stem and the spinal cord, support the skull about three pounds of weight, and allow for a wide range of head movement.
Causes of Neck Pain
Most neck pain is caused from car accident, work injury and long term sleep and stress disorders. Adults who work long hours at desk jobs, who do not have enough sleep for months, who suffer emotional stress will begin the feeling of neck pain.

At the start, patients can overlook minor neck irritation, and may keep working. But, slowly, serious neck pain can be debilitating, meaning never ending sharp feeling deep inside between the two shoulders.

Common Symptoms Of Neck Pain

  • Stiff, sharp pain in Neck area with some limited Range of Motion.
  • Difficulty changing lane when driving, because the driver is unable to turn the head and look to the side mirrors. He has to move his whole thoracic body to ensure there is no other traffic near him. Other drivers may notice the car tends to zig zag more often.
  • Pain starts from neck C3-C4 and transfers to shoulders and arms, there are some numbness and muscle spasms.
  • Soreness around the base of the neck, and it is difficult to look from side to side.
  • Trouble and weaken of gripping or grabbing objects, nerve damages.
  • Too many headache episodes and the frequency increases.

Neck Pain Prevention

As with many serious pain in our spine, when it comes to manage neck or cervical pain, an ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of cure, don’t delay or ignore the symptoms. After three weeks of over the counter Ibuprofen, I strongly recommend taking action to lower neck pain risk. At night time, you start look at your soft pillow. You will look into water pillow which can have proper contour supporting your neck and head. If you sleep on your back more often, choose a pillow supporting the natural curve of the neck and enough cushion for your head. A towel may not support your neck properly or feeling too hard. Avoid too stiff or too high pillow, which maintains the neck bones flexed for long hours. If you have morning pain, headache and stiffness, that indicates you don’t have good sleep and need to look into swapping pillow and investigate how can you have deeper sleep to refresh your energy.

Treatment For Neck Pain
Physical therapy can manage neck pain, offering muscle strengthening exercises to relief pain and prevent recurrence. Massage therapy may relieve pain in the neck tissues, better blood flow, refreshing the nutrients. Heat and cold therapy also encourages blood flow to the painful area improving nutrients circulation. Over the counter medicines and Aspirin or Aleve also help reducing inflammation and relief pain, especially night time. Patients may need x-ray or MRI to determine root causes and treat with stronger narcotic medicine or long term rehab. The key is get the correct diagnoses to gain the right treatment. Each person is different and the treatment can be tailored to the pain of the neck.

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