Pain Awareness Month – September

It is a well -known fact that people will suffer some kinds of pain as they live longer. New techonology develops everyday at a faster pace, almost monthly, your internet speed double every five years, youtube has millions of new videos every months, and yet we have not have replacement body to replace our worn out spinal cord and spinal discs.

Pain management is relatively new field in the medicine domain, most doctors and patients don’t know exactly either the stabbing 24/7 pain is generated by the physical component of the body or the brain caused the pain.  We know phantom pain is in our head, because the physical body is already removed.

Spinal cord related pain.

Pain Management1
Pain Management1

This is the hardest pain to deal with and you don’t have lots of data to understand or treated this pain, most practitioners treat outside pain or muscle pains.  I wish that you don’t have spinal cord related pain, or degenerative disc disease, or cervical, thoracic or lumbar pains. These are spine related pain, and it is difficult to treat only with injection or alignment of the spine, because there are 23 discs in the human spine, and unlike the video on youtube, you rarely have only one disc issue, normally many discs are involved in your pain, and if the practitioner moves one disc, the other ligaments and tendons will change altogether.

Most videos on youtube fool us by providing insufficient and accurate information, and as human we would like to take shortcut, the easy route,

Pain management include spinal cord related pain, not just trigger point pains, or knee injection pain, shoulder pain.  Practitioners should be more specific when they say they can manage pain.   Be careful when somebody wants to twist your spine or your neck, the pain may just move to different locations or gets worse.