Pain Management Massage Low Back Pain

Chronic Low Back Pain is common types of pain suffered by patients in medical clinic and chiropractic clinic. The most common causes of low back pain are muscular pain, scoliosis, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, sciatic nerve pain. Low back pain interferes with daily living activities, breathing, sleeping, going outside, and muscular exercising.

Alternative treatment modality such as massage is safe and effective for short term pain relief and potentially can decrease dosage of medication.
Massage therapy is a conservative and ancient therapy used to mobilize soft tissue and relieve trigger point in the back.
Normally, the therapist compresses the muscles with both hands to warm up the back area one side at a time. Then, she communicates with the clients and pays attention to the feet reactions. Slowly, she releases the back pain with stretching massage in combination with deep tissue massage in the glute areas. Most patients did self-diagnose and report to the therapist that it is a sciatic pain in the back. Normally, the therapist does not diagnose.

Massage therapy has proven to be a valuable adjunct in pain management, leading to significant benefits with reports of decreasing pain levels and relaxing feelings. Robotic chair massage is also a form of massage that patient can rely on to relieve pain for short term. These periodic massages can lead to decrease anxiety as an important benefit for chronic pain patients and may help decrease opioid dosage. Most patients who try massage therapy as an alternative therapy, enjoy massage because it is soothing and relaxing the body.

Patients need to drink water after massage because they feel thirsty and clear fluid helps in feeling better. If you have questions about chronic pain management, give us a call 727 548-1111. We are here for pain relief. Remember pain is not avoidable, but suffering is your choice.