Questions Around Medical Marijuana To Mitigate Opioid Crisis?

The proposal of Medical Marijuana serving as an option to counteract the Opioid Crisis in American cities. Some physicians have questions like, “Are we just replacing one proven drug with an under-researched one?” or “Doesn’t Marijuana have its own dangers, and addiction in inner city population?”. It is a divisive issue, because the cannabis plant has more than 80 chemicals that are unique to the Cannabis plant. One unique chemical is the delta-9 THC.

But There Is Some Common Ground

We agree that the rate of opiate prescriptions is reduced in US states where medical marijuana laws have been passed.

And researchers at least agree that there is need to study medical benefits , safety, addict properties, and dosing of cannabis. In a near future, physicians can use cannabis for treating diseases, such as addiction, chronic pain, pancreatic cancer pain.

Additional Researches Needed

Many recent research and analysis showed that US States that have Medical Marijuana laws have reported 5-6 % drop in opioid prescriptions. We don’t have strong evidence to conclude the cause-effect of Medical Marijuana laws and Opiate prescription reduction. So this can be an excellent time for Medical Marijuana fans to grab the opportunity.

Fan of Medical Marijuana

There two more important benefits for Medical Marijuana in general. First, in US States with medical cannabis laws, there is approximate 25% less opioid fatal overdose compared with US States without medical marijuana laws. Second, Cannabinoids and opiates use overlapping brain receptors in the body influencing the reduction of opiate use with medical cannabis use.

Patients and Physicians Can Discuss

In US States with Medical Marijuana laws, patients are more encouraged to discuss with physicians regarding the pro and cons of Medical Marijuana. Physicians can be in a good position to have an opened climate where patients feel confident and trusted to discuss their preferences with medical marijuana. With more researches about the endocannabinoid system, physicians can update their medical knowledge and then explain to patients the benefits and the proper use of medical marijuana. Patients can always call our practice at 727 548-1111 to speak to an informed medical providers or setting appointment for getting medical marijuana card in Florida.