Tips For Neuropathic Pain Management

Pain is Pain
As a pain patient, he does not care about the label, acute pain, chronic pain, nerve pain or tissue pain. Most doctors talk their language to chronic pain patients like she does care. Doctor says: “Oh by the way, your drug metabolites show a small amount of noroxycodone and Oxymorphone.” Patient said: “Huh, I don’t take Oxymorphone.”
As major plastic surgery can hurt. Breast augmentation, breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction. Patients could be suffered for a couple days of pain. Surgery free pain has not been invented yet. Pain management after surgery is a requirement for all surgeries.
Doctors will consider adjuvant medicines working together with opioid medications for pain relief.
Gabapentin is the familiar medicine that can have analgesic effect when used with strong narcotics. Pain Management doctors start prescribing Gabapentin at a slow and low dose ensuring patient does not have side effects or mental effects. Some patients feel the enhanced effects of pain relief and report back that it improves the therapeutic results. For a few patients , because they had bad side effect previously, they don’t like Gabapentin. Accordingly, the introduction period is very important, like most nerve effect medicines, pain management can be reduced when adding slowly to strong opioid medicines.

If you have neuropathic pain, there is a probability that you have other types of pain, and can be treated at our office. Just call now 727 548-1111 for a review of your MRI or CT Scan either cervical or lumbar area.