Treating Chronic Pain Of Your Spine With Different Modalities

1. Chronic Spinal Pain Medical Treatment

Pain Management of the spine consists of medical prescription of drugs to treat back pain or neck pain, depending on the pain intensity, frequency and if the suffered patient has currently suffered other conditions that affect the spine.
Low back pain is the most common spinal chronic pain, and doctors commonly prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Ibuprofen, and Naproxen since the Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory drugs are found to be important in pain management.  Doctors might prescribe analgesics or narcotics for moderate to severe pain conditions. Only doctors can prescribe these drugs.   

2. Spinal Pain Alternative Therapies For Pain Management

• Ozone is an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agent that is proven to diminish pain and inflammation when having back pain or low back pain. It carries out all of the toxic substances in the spine that provoke pain.

• Neural therapy commonly relieves low back pain. It consists of pinching different parts of the body and injecting anesthetic drugs to block the affected nerves and causing them to stop provoking low back pain. Only doctors must perform this procedure since the spine is a delicate structure.

• Hyperbaric medicine is a relatively new pain management approach. Doctors ask patients with chronic back pain or lower back pain to enter into a large chamber which releases high concentrations of oxygen. At these levels, this system releases oxygen to every part of the body, improving circulation and detoxifying the spine area.

3. Spine Surgery For Pain Management

Doctors can cut in the area and take out the cause of the pain, for example, a hernia, damaged bone or other tissue, and fix any defect present. For example, if the spine is unstable, doctors may need to place a plate with screws or a prosthesis to substitute damaged tissue.

4. Physical Therapy and Spinal Pain

This kind of treatment is critical. To go through this treatment doctors need, at first, to fix the underlying cause of the spinal pain. After medical or surgical treatment, Physical Therapy Doctors will set an exercise program and some other treatments like laser, infrared light, ultrasound, and massage. All of this together will restore the mobility of the spine and will also make sure that neck or back pain does not return.

My Story

I grow up in Mexico,  27-year old man, and I started feeling cervical spinal pain since the age of 18 years. Because of my age, doctors always tried to avoid spine surgery. I started taking anti-inflammatory medications for nine long years, with little to zero improvement at all. Hence, doctors decided to order some tests. I went through a CT (Computed Tomography), several cervical spine X-Rays and finally, an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). Studies showed a minute cervical hernia (C5-C6) on the left side and doctors decided to keep on medical treatment. I went through neural therapy, ozone infiltrations and lots of sessions of physical therapy with scarce improvements. The neurosurgeon decided to repeat the MRI a year after, and the hernia was found to grow; also, both C5 and C6 vertebrae were a little displaced for a few degrees.
At this point, spine surgery was imperative. After surgery, the spinal pain was 80% lower, and the muscle cramps were still present. I went through more spine physical therapy and a trigger point injection, and I can say spinal pain is gone. I am grateful to my doctors and enjoy life day by day.


“Surgery will worsen everything, just try it..”

Surgery is not for everyone, but when indicated for serious cases, it will help incredibly, .

“Analgesic drugs are always harmful; they damage the kidneys and the liver.”

Every substance is toxic to the human body at excessive doses (even the oxygen), but when a person experiences pain, drugs can relieve pain without harming other organs (at standard doses).

“Neck and low back pain is always caused by stress.”

Stress is an active component of neck and back pain. Nonetheless, when pain is not relieved by conventional methods, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

if you have moderate to severe pain in your spine, you do yourself a favor and your family a favor by consulting the doctor, Remember pain is unavoidable, but suffering is optional.

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