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Whiplash Pain Related To Accident Injuries, Pain And Wellness Center St Pete Florida

Whiplash Pain Related To Accident Injuries

Many adults are suffered pain in a motor vehicle accident (MVA). In a rear end accident, drivers have shocked very fast and unprepared to protect the neck. Whiplash injuries are one of the most common ailments sustained in motor-related incidents. Rear-end collisions are usually the culprit, but this injury to the cervical spine can also be caused by headbanging, as in Shaken Baby Syndrome; collisions involving bicycles or motorcycles, and in falls.

Whiplash Pain Related To Accident Injuries is hard to identify, normal skin still intact around the neck, just a fast stretch in the spinal cord around the neck. In collisions, the mechanism of injury starts when the body is thrown forward, and the movement causes the person’s neck to hyperextend and snap back into a position of flexion. This type of injury is very common, and may happen to anyone on any given day. Automotive companies widely install air bags into their cars nowadays to counter the body from being thrown forward and prevent these types of injuries form occurring. Most of the time, a person who has sustained a whiplash injury doesn’t know he has one until after 6-12 hours, or even after a few days.

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