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You Don’t Have To Tolerate Pain!

When you and I suffer lower back pain, or shoulder pain or knee pain, first, we will try to tolerate it differently. Have you ever considered Why People Tolerate Pain Differently? The next time someone says you are a wimp or a mensch, your answer: “It’s in my brain, Dude”.
Sometimes, the pain hurts so much you act like an adult tries to ignore a “terrible two” child. Some people are more sensitive to physical pain than others because the scientists found that they have differences in the structure of the brain.
Scientists at Wake Forest Med Center, North Carolina, determine that variances in pain sensitivity are definitely connected to the volume of grey matter component in the brain.
Scientists study the MRI scan of more than 100 volunteers subjected to more 120 degrees heat applied to the skin patch area. The volunteers feel the intensity of pain and rate it accordingly. The conclusion: Volunteers, who have less volume of brain grey matter, indicate much higher intensity of pain.
This kind of scientific study shows that doctors and researchers have a long way to go to treat a complex physical and emotional pain issue. In this 21st century high tech, scientists only can tell you and me, some general understandings of pain and how does it work, but not how to cure the ailments.

Deep in our conscious mind, we pray and hope that the pain will fix itself, some kind of universal God will visit us, look down here and will heal the freaking bony body part.
be appositive emotional attractor This simple strategy works most of the time, because in the past, our skin healed when we had a paper cut, or we fell off a small bike.
Sometimes, our past experiences told us the wrong things, when we were young and small, blood flows very fast and very efficient.
Pain muscles have memory, the fastest way to relief pain, is not to let it dwell in your body. If you start to have pain, don’t tolerate it, get rid of it as soon as possible, don’t be a hero and tolerate it, just go to pharmacy, take Tylenol or Advil or whatever to stop it in its track.
Get rid of the bad memory, it affects your life style; it affects your family, your relationship, take care of it immediately. You are in control of your pain.
Your friends and your neighbors can sympathize with you, but that is all they can do. You don’t need sympathize; you need get rid of pain.

Take your big brave action; stop the pain in its path
Let me know how do you deal with pain? Write to me I will chat, discuss with you.
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